separate islands: chamber music I [1988​-​1991]

by lindsay vickery

Track Name: ancient streams, deep and beautiful ... seen through new eyes [1989]
Ancient Streams Deep and Beautiful

[those who have ears let them hear!]
I think we go about it this way
I begin by outlining my plan
I walk around in it
make my first tentative steps
and the secrets of the language are wrestled to the surface
like slowly drawing a needle through a thick leather sack

[and the secrets are wrestled like slowly drawing]


a tale: those that master these storms must rest at the last wave
a tale: her straw hat moves at last!
a tale all to see the vast hole where heroes rot

mors est

that which engenders the decay of information
that which retards the decay of information
la dolce vita [est]

originally it was to last 3 months, but the degree of polarization which followed, became more of a personal laboratory, thus a step away from the text

excursions into sentiments or ideas of order... this of course necessitates a rather greater procedure of paraphrasing

In this view then, all those interpenetrations which at first glance appeared to be hellish,
history for example
are to be espoused

budapest 25.07.89