delicious ironies

by lindsay vickery



The Delicious Ironies series was created as a vehicle to provide an extremely unpredictable and provocative sonic environment for the solo improviser. The intention was to use sound samples that were pertinent to the soloist, but also volatile and erratic enough to inspire an interesting response.

There are three “series” of Delicious Ironies works:
• Series one: for Sampler cued via MIDI from a computer running Max/MSP
• Series two: for a computer running Max/MSP accessing samples on its hard-disk
• Series three: for a computer running Max/MSP accessing samples on its hard-disk, and processing the sounds of the samples and of the performer.

Series one focused on narratively related samples, for example, from film noir, boxing movies and record glitches. Series two did not provide any score and used samples derived from extended techniques by the performers themselves, for example guitar and Sichuan opera percussion instruments. Series three explored the deconstruction of my own pieces notated works.

In Delicious Ironies a sense of immanence in the performer is encouraged by specifically instructing that the performers to not listen to the computer component prior to the performance. Series one and three of provide a mobile score as an additional source of stimulus for the performer.


released October 25, 2012

delicious ironies (noir)
: Melissa Madden Gray (voice), Darren Moore (Drums) and Lindsay Vickery (Saxophone)

delicious ironies (vox)
: Melissa Madden Gray (voice)

delicious ironies (raging belle)
: Gemma Horbury (trumpet)

delicious ironies (sichuan)
: Jessica Ipkendanz (violin), Jonathan Mustard (sho), Philip Waldron (bass) and Zho Xiang Ping (chin)

delicious ironies (mcj)
: Matthew Jones (guitar)

delicious ironies (kds)
: Daniel Russel (violin) and Tristen Parr (cello)

delicious ironies (anak2): Lindsay Vickery (clarinet)

delicious ironies (shmil)
: Lindsay Vickery (eb clarinet)

delicious ironies (dr woo): Lindsay Vickery (bass clarinet)



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